Don’t Gamble with Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Impending effects of gambling with your brand.

34 % of small business owners in Kenya are planning on investing more in their digital marketing strategies. It’s really unclear what other percentage of small business owners already investing in digital marketing. Have you ever wondered how so many people gamble and spend a lot on money on sport bets, and casinos? This question is actually very simple because in the long run, they know they can’t lose. Sometimes is a a win and lose, in-fact some people even win big … But only for a short-run. To casinos, gambling is not really a gamble at all. It is all about knowing the odds of a bet and knowing how their customers will react to the various sensory inputs. So, my question to you is, if casinos don’t even gamble with gambling, why do you gamble with your marketing ?

Every move you make musts well-versed by the right data and insights, and you can do this using a marketing automation platform. Digital marketing can affect your return in a variety of different ways, including some that are almost impossible to measure. For example, how can you prove that your brand visibility or reputation are improving?

Digital marketing Is a smart investment that’s well worth its weight in gold and can bring a good income into your business, with a proper strategy, but to really reap the full benefits of it, you need to understand how to manage the inputs behind-the-scenes or get someone who can, like digital marketing strategist. Digital marketing strategists are responsible for planning, guiding, and supporting the execution of various digital marketing campaigns.
Creative and tech-savvy, digital marketing strategists can audit existing advertising methods used by a brand to determine which are having the right impact on a specific audience.
These experts are also effective at analysing the competition, looking for trends in promotional strategies, and pinpointing changing expectations among customers. Now, lets talk about how much you spend on your marketing really, but if your are working with a Digital marketing strategist

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