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It can be disappointing when you continously feel like your lead generation campaign is failing, or not getting the results you thought you would.

As lead generation specialists, it’s our job to make sure new prospects are captured and managed effectively using marketing automation and CRM systems.


Is your Brand standing out? Do you know why branding is important to your business? Branding has been and is still misunderstood. Branding is who you are as a company and how people perceive you as a company. It's also about the visual identity – Name, logo, design, packaging, etc. Moreover, while the concept of branding and its understanding has evolved enormously over the years, the same old vision of branding is being preached, even by high-level marketers.

Let us help you brand your business for success with a digital marketing strategy.


If someone mentions your name, brand, business or company in a meeting or a conference, what do you want to be known for or want them to say? Personal branding is not only for entrepreneurs, it's also important for musicians, influencers, life coaches or business and any other person who wants to share their story with the world.

Whether you want to be known as a Kenyan Jazz musician, under 40 richest entrepreneur or the most inspiring motivational speaker, creating a brand strategy is the place to begin with.


Email marketing remains one of the most effective and leading ways to market your business. Every business needs to consider when trying to promote it or a company.

By the right kind of email marketing, African mavens makes sure they do as much as they can to get it right and tailor your email marketing to specific clients.  Indeed, personalised emails can help to generate 6x higher transaction rates, hence this is something every business or company needs to implement.  


Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. Your content deserves attention. Let us help you build your audience today.

We’re online, which means we understand digital content. We’re on-demand, so we can create content on a timescale that works for you.


The goals of campaign marketing can be anything from building brand awareness to introducing a new product, increasing sales of a particular service, driving downloads of an update to an app or copies of an eBook, growing a social media following or email subscriber list, or even reducing the impact of some negative news.

Let us improve your marketing campaign with targeting by creating a market or buyer persona. With each persona we will determine their characteristics. What they like or not, their location etc. By doing this, we look to define several subgroups of your audience so you can more accurately aim your marketing at the right target audience.


We're social media experts( African media mavens- mavens means experts)

Social media is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business online, but it requires hard work and knowledge. Our team has more than 8 years of marketing experience. We pride ourselves on our affordable Social media management our package starts for as little as $300 a month. We know how busy it can get. Daily tasks can start to take over your day and posting on social media can be one of them, that also gets neglected due to the piling up your daily responsibilities and urgent tasks. Our media maven has time dedicated specifically to your social media accounts to ensure, content is created, engagements are done and posting are on track. Keep your company relevant to followers. Also monitor your accounts and engagement are top priority. If you’re thinking about increasing your online presence and introducing social media to your mix, then let our team take the pressure out of managing your channels and give yourself the time to focus on what matters: running a business the way you know how.

With packages starting from as little as $300 per month, our services are designed with small businesses in mind. Oh, and there’s no need to worry if you don’t have social media channels set up already – we’ll do it for you for free, and even create header banners to help you look the part!


We help our customers or clients to achieve most out of their digital marketing. Through social media, press releases, and connections with promotional sites that publish content.


We provide exceptional, professional, Elegant and Classy, Ushering services for corporate events e.g. night gala/ Award night, Conference and trading fairs, exhibitions, Product launches and Weddings.

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Is your Brand standing out? Do you know why branding is important to your business? Let us help you brand your business for success.

Digital Marketing

We navigate the online world of paid and organic advertising, and decide what is best for your business and carry out the advertising for you.

Lead Generation

Let us make sure your new prospects are captured and managed effectively using marketing automation and CRM systems.

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