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African Mavens Media is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business online, but it requires hard work and knowledge. Our team has more than 8 years of marketing experience, and we’re just what you need.

Our Services

We’re not a marketplace, we are experts dedicated to giving you a professional service. Come experience the world of digital marketing by signing up with us for the following services:

Lead Generation

As lead generation specialists, it’s our job to make sure new prospects are captured and managed effectively using marketing automation and CRM systems.


Is your Brand standing out? Do you know why branding is important to your business? Let us help you brand your business for success.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is not only for entrepreneurs, it’s also important for individuals who want to share their story with the world.

Email Marketing

By the right kind of email marketing, African mavens makes sure they do as much as they can to get it right and tailor your email marketing to specific clients. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. Your content deserves attention. Let us help you build your audience today.

Campaign Marketing

We look to define several subgroups of your audience so you can more accurately aim your marketing at the right target audience.

Social Media Management

No social media channels set up already? No worries! – we’ll do it for you for free, and even create header banners to help you look the part!

Public Relations

We help our customers or clients to achieve most out of their digital marketing through social media, press releases, etcetera.


We provide exceptional, professional, Elegant and Classy, Ushering services for all kinds of private, corporate and charity events.

About Us

We help businesses identify areas of relative strength & opportunities for development on their digital transformation journey

Professional Service

We’re not a marketplace, we’re an experts dedicated to giving you a professional service. Come experience the world of digital marketing by signing up with us.

Affordable Packages

We pride ourselves on our affordable Social media management’s our package starts for as little as Ksh 30,000 a month, Depending on the package you choose.

Why Choose Us?

Are you struggling to increase your client base? We’re online, which means we understand digital content. We’re on-demand, so we can create content on a timescale that works for you.  We help businesses identify areas of relative strength and opportunities for development on their digital transformation journey.

Running a Business?

Let our mavens take your business to the next level and boost its online exposure. Now is the time to let everyone know what you are doing!

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

Ever wondered why your competitors are growing at a speed and acquiring customers swiftly than you?
The answer is simple…
It’s because biasharas are expanding rapidly and connecting with existing and potential customers in a more reciprocal manner through digital marketing tactics.

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Clients We've Worked With

What Our Clients Say

"African Mavens Media took over our accounts three years ago and have presided over excellent growth. They were able to develop marketing campaigns that were critical to our success. They handle nearly all our social media accounts and manage them in a consummately organized and professional manner, developing and implementing marketing and social media plans. conducting market research, SEO and keyword research, promotion development and other tasks. They have excellent business instincts and an eye for developing successful campaigns, so I'm confident you wont find anyone better to handle your social media and online marketing!"
Anthony Gomes
IT Manager, Cube Movers Ltd.
"Meeting African Mavens for me was so timely. I was feeling left behind digitally. I was clueless on how to use social media to engage my potential clients and most importantly convert the engagements to sales. They were not only patient and ready to work with me at my level and budget, but also went out of their way time and again to accomplish those goals for my business. Now I have clients that have become part of my loyal fan base that I met through my social media platforms; particularly Facebook and Instagram. The professionalism, patience with their clients, understanding a client’s goals & working towards them, and being proactive, are some of the things that kept me with them. I am a happy client. I would highly recommend African Mavens."
Anne W. Okello
CEO, A&J Eco-Beauty
"Thank you African Mavens for the input you have make on promoting & branding, you are easy to work with & have affordable rates. We at Lennix Gym love your services. For any social media marketing & camping don't hesitate to call African mavens, get your presence in the social media world."
Leonard Kimani
Owner, Lennix Fitness Studio